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Ao Nang, Krabi

Ao Nang Activities

Kayaking Koh Hong


Koh Hong is an archipelago of Tarn-bok-kor-ra-nee National Park, Krabi province. The island consists of 12 small islands, Koh Hong being the largest and offers two beaches. The Island's name derives from an eroded group of caves in the middle of the island which harbours a large river with a small passage to the sea suitable for kayaking. Areas of coral reef can be found here in shallow water with several species of coloured reef fish. Travel time from Ao Nang is approx 25mins by speed boat or 1hour by traditional longtail. Reservations can be made at anyone of the numerous travel agencies in the area.

Elephant Trekking

Get upclose and personal with these massive creatures, get mounted and trek through Krabi's unspoiled jungle. Your elephant trek will take you along a river running through the elephant camp (Approx 7km from Ao Nang) and into the forest at the foot of the mountain. You'lll see river-rainforest and hopefully, monkeys and birds living in their natural habitat. The guide will normally ride on the elephants shoulders but If you like you can try driving yourself. Bookings can generally be made through your hotel or directly via anyone of the travel agents Ao Nang has to offer. Enjoy!

Rock Climbing Krabi

World class rock climbing can be found over on Railay Beach, 10mins travel by traditional longtail boat. Railay, is a secluded peninsula just south of Ao Nang. It's part of the mainland, but is inaccessible by road due to the towering cliffs of Ao Nang and Tonsai. Half day adventures on the crag will set you back approx 800 THB with anyone of the local climbing centers in the area. Its easier and safer than you think, great for the family And a heck of a lot fun. Classes for beginners are available too with English speaking local instructors.

Muay Thai

Muay Thai training in Ao Nang is open to beginners as well as helping professionls perfect there skills. Head on down to Emerald Gym where local Thai trainers will supervise you with pedagogy, introducing you to the art of the Siam. You will learn the rules of this discipline, the wai kru (ritual dance before the  fights), the various necessary moral values to excel in this sport and the initial technical skills involved. Regular fights are also held every Friday night at the Ao Nang stadium.

Thai Cooking Classes

Thai food is famous the world over for its delicious curries and its sweat-inducing spices. Learn from the locals with one-day to three-day courses available from several long time established schools. Students are introduced to the typical Thai vegetables, fruits and additional ingrediants used in the preparation of spicy Thai salads and dishes of classical Thai cuisine, both in theory and practice.Yummy! 

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