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“From birth, man carries the weight of gravity on his shoulders. He is bolted to earth. But man has only to sink beneath the surface and he is free”

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Scuba diving Krabi

Shark Point Marine Sanctuary

Dive Site Overview


Shark Point Marine Sanctuary, which lies directly between Krabi, Phi Phi and Phuket, is a popular group of 3 dive sites which are usually all dived together in a single trip. Locally dubbed 'Superday', this is a highly recommended dive trip for Advanced divers due to depths of 30M. Wreck diving on the King Cruiser is a must for all hardcore divers.

Shark Point - Krabi

Shark Point Marine life


Shark Point, Krabi

Known as Hin Mudsang in Thai, Shark Point is named after the sightings of Leopard Sharks in the area. This dive site lies about 2 Km to the south of Anemone Reef. The dive site comprises of 3 separated pinnacles which soar up from the sea floor named Shark Point 1+2+3. Giant Gorgonian fans, Patch Staghorn, multi-coloured soft tree corals and Sea Anemones decorate the pinnacles.

Moray at Shark Point, krabi

Leopard Sharks are the highlight of this area. Often seen resting at the sandy edges of the reef. Moray eels hide in the coral while Lion fish hover in the narrows. Trevally fish are usually found hunting around the edges of the reef. Sea Snakes, Cuttlefish and Squid are frequently seen throughout the dive. Also look out for the beautiful Nudibranchs Boxer Shrimps and especially turtles that frequent the area.

Krabi dive site map

Dive Level: Advanced

Max Depth: 24M

Hot Points: Leopard Sharks, Moray Eels, Trevally, Boxer Shrimp.

King Cruiser - Krabi

King Cruiser Marine life


Wreck diving in Krabi

The King Cruiser wreck is a 85M long, 25M wide ferry with four decks giving her a max capacity of 900 passengers in her day. On the 04.05.1997 at 10.30 AM the King Cruiser on a routine run to Phi Phi Island with about 600 passengers on board struck the pinnacle (known as Anemone Reef). When a huge hole ripped through the ferry, it went down approximately 2 Km East of the Anemone Reef, with no loss to life, passengers were safely picked up by the dive and fishing boats.

wreck diving in krabi

The wreck is home to an incredible amount of fish like the large groups of Big Eye Trevally hunting over the wreck. Lionfish towards the sandy bottom (although they like to hover in the car deck and the toilets). Scorpion fish can be found resting on the metal railings. School of Barracudas, Snapper and Fusiliers dominate the sides. Lobster, Octopus and Hawksbill Turtles can be frequently seen here too

Krabi dive site map

Dive Level: Advanced

Max Depth: 32M

Hot Points: Wreck Dive, Trevally, Scorpion Fish, Octopus.

Anemone Reef - Krabi

Anemone Reef Marine life


Anemone Reef, Krabi

Limestone pinnacles soars up from the seafloor to 4M below the surface in the open sea. Located to the south west about 30 Km from Krabi, Ao Nang and Phuket. The local Thai name is ‘Hin Jon’, meaning submerged rock and is covered with beautiful soft Anemone, multi-coloured soft tree corals and giant Gorgonian fans. This site is mainly suitable for experienced and advanced open water diver.

Scuba diving Krabi

There is an incredible amount of marine life seen in this area. Groups of Fusiliers, Two-spot and Blue-striped Snappers. Large amounts of lionfish and Moray eels fighting over the same holes. Common visitors to this site include Titan trigger fish, Butterfly fish, Angelfish, Sweetlips, and Moorish Idols. Leopard Sharks can also be seen and for those really lucky divers this area can be visited by a Whale Shark.   

Krabi dive site map

Dive Level:  Advanced

Max Depth: 24M

Hot Points: Anemone reefs, Two-spot and Blue-striped Snappers, lionfish, Moray eels, Leopard Sharks.