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Scuba diving Ao Nang, Krabi

Scuba Diving Ao Nang, Krabi

Ao Nang Dive Sites


The local dive sites of Ao Nang consist of a group of 7 main islands dotted around Poda Island; Koh Ha, Koh Si, Koh Yawabon, Koh Kom, Koh Talu, Koh Mai Arai and Koh Yawasam. These dive sites are situated just 30-40 mins travel from Ao Nang and offer the perfect location for scuba diving courses due to shallow depths. More experienced divers benefit from long bottom time and more caves than you can shake a stick at. Here's the lowdown...

Koh Talu - Ao Nang

Koh Talu Marine life


Scuba Diving Ao Nang

Talu refers to the tunnel in the middle of the island which runs all the way through the dive site. This popular dive site is suitable for all level of scuba divers. It features some beautiful reefs and rock formations where colorful soft tree corals, sea whips, sea fan, table and mushroom corals decorate the site. For scuba divers with more experience the tunnel is highly recommended.

Seahorse, Ao Nang

Seahorses are the highlight of Koh Talu, often seen at the southern rock of the dive site and northern swim through. Blue spotted Stingray are present at the sandy bottom around the western pinnacle and Pipefish at the southern side. Lionfish can be spotted along the east side. Also common to this area Anemone fish, Snappers, Butterfly fish, Titan Triggerfish, Porcupine and Puffer fish.

Dive Site Map

Dive Level: Beginner - Advanced

Max Depth: 20M

Hot Points: Swim Throughs, Cave Tunnel, Seahorses, Stingrays.

Koh Yawasam - Ao Nang

Koh Yawasam Marine life


Scuba Diving Ao Nang, Krabi

Koh Yawsam is situated approximately 12 Km to the south west of Ao-Nang and comprises of 2 separate rocky islands. Features impressive coral heads and fringing Staghorn coral. Sheet corals and Table corals rest at the northen end. Multi-coloured soft coral is situated at probably the deepest area of this Ao Nang dive site.

Nudibranch, Ao Nang, Krabi

This dive site is home to the Varicose Wart Slug nudibranchs and some Coi magnificent slugs. Common inhabitants are Titan triggerfish, Angelfish, Butterfly fish, snappers, Coral shrimping, Lion fish, Moray eels and Barracudas. Also look out for the Bamboo sharks hiding in the cracks of the reef.

Dive Site Map, Ao Nang

Dive Level: Beginner - Advanced

Max Depth: 18M

Hot Points: Nudibranchs, Bamboo Sharks.

Koh Kom - Ao Nang

Koh Kom Marine life


Lionfish in Ao Nang

Koh Kom is located about 300 meters to the southeast of Chicken Island and is one of the most popular islands for scuba diving in Ao Nang with impressive reefs and underwater caverns. This dive site is suitable for all levels of divers.

Scuba Diving Krabi

There is an amazing amount of invertebrate life around this site, ranging from tiny Nudibranch, Pipefish and Sea Horses. You will also see plenty of colorful fish like Anemone fish, Butterfly fish, Moorish Idol, Parrot fish, Lion fish, Puffer fish and more common species of marine life such as Titan Trigger fish, Russel Snapper, Grouper, Smooth flute mouth, Turtles and Leopard Sharks.

ao Nang Dive Site Map

Dive Level: Beginner - Advanced

Max Depth: 16M

Hot Points: Caves, Nudibranchs, Pipefish, Seahorses.

Koh Ha - Ao Nang

Koh Ha Marine life


soft coral ao nang

This is located approximately 500M to the south west of Koh Si, a popular dive site in the Ao Nang region which is suitable for all levels of scuba divers. Impressive patch staghorn covers the east side while sea fans dot the rock wall. You"ll find many groups of mushroom coral along the west side, table coral and coral heads in the shallow water and some of the tree soft corals and anemones that decorate are fantastic.

Scuba diving in Krabi

Here there is a very good chance to see Bamboo sharks which are hidden under the rocks. Seahorses can also be seen in the sea fans at the southern side amongst the more colourful common reef fish. Be sure to look out over the sand areas many times you"ll be able to see Blue spotted Stingays and cuttlefish.

Ao Nang dive site map

Dive Level:
 Beginner - Advanced

Max Depth: 18M

Hot Points: Soft Coral, Seahorses, Bamboo Sharks, Stingrays.

Koh Si - Ao Nang

Koh Si Marine life


Scuba diving Krabi

Koh Si is located appoximately 12 km offshore to the south west of Krabi, Ao Nang and Rai-Ley. This dive site is popular for all levels of divers and snorkeling. With impressive coral reef, like the patch tube blue sponge coral in the southwest side. The patch staghorn coral along the east side, the sea fans which stick to the wall, many groups of mushroom coral can be seen along the west side. Table coral and coral heads in the shallow water, some of the tree soft coral and anemone can be seen to decorate the coral rocks and the cavern is well worth a visit.

Koh Si Ao Nang

Blacktip reef sharks rome the shallow waters of this dive site offering snorkelers a unique chance to spot these otherwise nervous creatures. Bamboo sharks are also commonly seen under rock crevices. Seahorses hide in fan corals along the northern wall while Fusiliers hover in the south. For those lucky divers, blue spotted stingrays can be seen over sandy areas.

Dive Site Map Ao Nang

Dive Level:
 Beginner - Advanced

Max Depth: 20M

Hot Points: Soft Coral, Seahorses, Stingrays, Bamboo Sharks, Blacktip Reef Sharks.

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